Falkirk Autistic Bairns is a Registered Charity in Scotland: SC042341

Our Trips 2013



We are now able to take the children and families out on a weekly basis on various different trips in the Falkirk area. So far we have been to Cadwinkles soft play area, Lazer Quest, Callendar Park and we plan for this to continue over the next term of FAB.


During 2013 we have been able to take the children on several trips including a day out on the Boat to the Falkirk Wheel, to the Autism friendly screening of Monsters University,to Auchengarrach wildlife park for a fun day out (see picture to the left) and we even took the children to the steam train at Bo'ness and round the raiilway museum. The children (and adults) all seemed to really enjoy the experience and we have been very lucky to be able to take the children out so many times this year.


We also hold specialised parties for the children at Easter, Summer, Halloween and Christmas. Functioning socially at parties can be an area of extreme difficulty for an Autistic Child and very often, parents will avoid exposing their child to such gatherings for fear of how they will respond to the situation. The youth club provides all the same facilities as a "mainstream" party without the expectation or the pressue for the child to interact in a particular way.

We are fully supportive of our children's individuals needs and there will never be any pressure put on the children to participate in any event or game. Tickets for our regular parties are given out at the weekly family support group from two weeks before the party. We very often have magicians, bouncy castles, as well as party games, prizes and most importantly the children have lots of fun.