Falkirk Autistic Bairns is a Registered Charity in Scotland: SC042341

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The Falkirk Autistic Bairns are now a member of Just Giving, which allows our supporters to support the charity by taking part in various sponsored activities. We have had two main supporters so far, one of whom took part in the Great Scottish swim, and the other who took part in the Edinburgh Marathon. If you would like to support FAB by taking part in an orgainised activity, please visit the Just giving site and enter in our charity details, or you can click on the links at the top of this page.


Alternatively, you can donate to our charity online, either as a one off donation or a regular monthly contribution.


We have detailed below our FAB supporters storys and how they felt about taking part in their challenges.

Our FAB runner 2014


Through the Just Giving website, Gary Love is running the D33 marathon to raise much needed funding for the Falkirk Autistic Bairns. The D33 marathon is a 33 mile "out and back" along the Deeside way in Aberdeen. The race will take place on 15/03/14. Gary said about taking part in this


"I'm running the D33 Ultra marathon ( 33 mile ) in march 2014 to raise funds for Falkirk autistic bairns charity. I'm looking to raise as much as I can without setting a high target, just want to see what I can get for this amazing charity!!



Good luck on the race and on behalf of all the Committee members, parents and "bairns" we would like to thank you so much for choosing our charity. So far Gary has raised over £200, which is amazing.



Please support Gary in his marathon run using the following link:





Our FAB swimmer


One of the FAB parents has very kindly volunteered to take part in the Great Scottish Swim to raise money for the Falkirk Autistic Bairns. Terri has been attending the FAB youth club since 2012 and really enjoys bringing her children here. Terri's thoughts about FAB are

"FAB have worked hard to provide a safe, inclusive, non judgemental and supportive group that helps our children and their families to have a positive social experience.

This is something that can be very hard for them to enjoy in life.

Parents also have the opportunity to receive and give support to other parents, who have often felt the same frustrations and experienced the same challenges involved with raising these amazing kids."


Please support Terri in her brave new challenge by donating through the link at the bottom of this page.


Thank you so much for doing this Terri, we think you are FAB


Terri has so far raised £272 for FAB and really enjoyed taking part in the race.


Our FAB Runner


As you may know, someone has very kindly agreed to run the Edinburgh Marathon to raise money for the Falkirk Autistic Bairns charity. Yvonne Johnston heard about our charity through a mutual friend and was very keen to support a local charity. Yvonne raised the massive sum of £842 for the Falkirk Autistic Bairns which we used to take our "bairns" on a well earned day out to Auchengarrich Wildlife park where they could enjoy themselves and feel free to express themselves in their own unique way. Thank you so much Yvonne

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