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The Phillip Collins Reading Award

(Sponsored by the Falkirk Autistic Bairns)

Pictured above, Marie Love (FAB chair) with Owen Welsh (first winner of the award)



The Phillip Collins reading award was introduced in St Mungos High School in 2013 to commemorate the life of one of their students, Phillip Collins. This award will be presented every year to a student for their reading ability. The award itself is donated by the Falkirk Autistic Bairns charity and presented by one of its members.

The following is the speech read out on evening of the ceremony by

Fraser McKinnon (Vice Chair of FAB)


" Phillip Collins Reading Award:

This award commemorates the life of one of our students, Phillip Collins, who tragically lost his life last year. The award is funded by Falkirk Autistic Bairns, of which Phillip was a much loved member and his mother, Ms Marie Love, is a founder member. He will be remembered at FAB for his sense of fun and mischief, particularly when he joined forces with my own son Andrew who has a very keen interest in reading thanks to Phillip. Ms Love is here with us tonight to honour Phillip’s life and the contribution he made to the life of everyone he met, befriended and worked with in St Mungo’s High School.


Phillip and his love of reading

Phillip was an ardent reader, often going to the library to change his books during form class and winning an award for being the school library’s most frequent user.

Phillip had wide tastes, ranging from the Horrible Histories and Beast Quest books, to Captain Underpants and Manga (Japanese cartoons).

Phillip loved reading his way through series of books, and had three particular favourites which he read over and over again:

·Darren Shan and his vampires and demons series.

·Robert Muchamore’s Cherub series about teenage spies.

·Skulduggery Pleasant – the series about a skeleton detective

Phillip was rarely without a book close to hand. As a quick and enthusiastic reader, Phillip was an excellent role model for reluctant readers and inspirational to those who wished simply to improve their reading skills. He knew his books inside-out and was always keen to discuss the plot of his latest book with you.

With that in mind, the inaugural Phillip Collins Reading Award is presented to a student who has become a very keen reader over the last few years, improving his reading age by some 5 years in the process. That worthy student is Owen Welsh."


Owen Welsh, Winner of Phillip Collins Reading award 2013. Owen has stated that he was very happy to win this award and felt very proud to be the first person to have his name on it.



On behalf of the Falkirk Autistic Bairns, we would like to say well done to Owen on all his achievements in reading and we are very proud for you to be the first winner of the

Phillip Collins Reading award.