Falkirk Autistic Bairns is a Registered Charity in Scotland: SC042341

Terms and Conditions of Membership

1. To qualify for the benefits from being a FAB member, you must attend the Family Support group at least once a month. The membership benefits will only apply to you, once you have attended the group for a month. 

2. Age limit for children is 18

3. To be eligible to be a member of FAB you must be the parent/carer of a child who either has a diagnosis of Autism/Aspergers or is undergoing an ASD diagnosis. Siblings welcome.

4. At the club, parents remain responsible for their child/ren at all times.

5. When able to, parents are to help and assist in certain areas of the club i.e. making teas/coffees, computer room. Rotas are available from a committee member.

6. When a new trip is announced, priority will be given to the families who are present at the club that week and are on a first come first served basis. Trips will be publicised on the newsletter, facebook and within the club.

7. Any person who signs up to attend an excursion and subsequently cannot attend, must inform FAB prior to the trip. Failure to attend more than one trip without giving prior notice will result in the member being unable to attend any future trips

8. If you don't attend the Family support group for two months, you will have to re register to regain membership.

9. When a party is planned, tickets will only be offered to regular members of the club from 2 weeks before the event. Tickets must be produced at the event to take part. Only ticket holders may attend the parties.

10. Parents must remain at the youth club at all times.

11.  For health and safety reasons, parents must give prior notice if they would like to attend a trip. If prior notice is not given, we will not be able to accept you on the trip. All trips may be subject to a deposit.